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December 9th, 2007


ok, im typing this up in a witches costume. How strange. Actually it isn't, im just trying on my outfit for one of the christmas parties im going to later on this week. Thing is I've been mucking around today doing random stuff like trying on costumes, but the important stuff i  just couldn't be bothered to do. For instance, i still have some notes that i need to write up for a history essay that's in for tomorrow and an english essay that  need to finish for either monday or tuesday. that sounds funfunfun. You can't blame me for not being bothered. ok. so maybe you can.

And i know i haven't updated this in awhile, but nothing that interesting that you would want to know about is going on at the moment so you can't complain.

So, just heard, Leona Lewis has made it to seven weeks at number one. I know people are starting to get bored of it now, but i don't know, that girl has one seriously good voice and it's not often you get someone that is naturally talented. Also, it's nice that she's not a complete diva like some pop starlets we could mention she's just a normal girl whose made the dream. So go Leona!


November 11th, 2007


well i haven't updated in awhile... now theres a surprise. Well, I've been busy. Coursework. Work. Deadlines. More Work. You get the idea. It's very stressful, only having a two day weekend. And the annoying thing is, I'm so tired, everytime i try and settle down and do work i find i start to do something else. I seem to have no self discipline. I might have just been on holiday, but i seem to already need another one, and christmas is another month and a half away (something which the shops seems to have all forgotten). I'm already behind in some languages work. I conveniently forgot to hand something in on thursday, and we had a supply teacher on friday, in which, of course, i couldn't hand in my work... somehow i think i'm going to get it in the neck tomorrow. And still, I'm sat here not doing it. But i will. I will! just not now.

*sigh* see my problem?

But right now, after a very hectic weekend full of arguements, moods, hissy fits, running around, no sleep, being ill (not all of that is me by the way) curling up and just writing seems like a very good way to chill. NOT writing a speech. Maybe another page of a piece of fiction I'm writing though...?

Ok, i know i said I'd give a better update in my last post of what was happening, but you can see the funny mood i'm in. So I won't. I'll save you from unecessary babble. Well, even more unecessary babble.

I give up!

November 5th, 2007

Entry Three: A quickie


here's just a quickie, just to say i have updated lol. (basically an excuse). I'm very very very tired at the moment, finding it hard to sleep and I've got a really awful day ahead of me tomorrow spending time with people i'd definitly rather not!! 

well, I'll give you a better posting tomorrow (or at least, I'll try to) but right not I've gotta dash,
speak to you very soon!

October 28th, 2007


Well, the plan for writing regularly on here has taken a turn... downwards. Well, i guess i am writing on here, but there's actually nothing that interesting to report. 

Well there is, but i can't put it on here. 

See, that's the problem with me and diary's/blogs. I don't trust myself or them enough to write down the deep and the dark things. I just can't. There's so many thougt's and problems and goodness knows what else locked up inside my head, screaming to be let out, but i won't let it. It's under lock and key... far away in some shadowy corner of my mind. Not even my conscious knows. Well, i say my conscious, i mean one of my friends who i usually end up spilling most of my secrets too, however hard i try not to. Sometimes things just slip out, cos i've got to tell someone otherwise i'm scared i'll do something... or something Stupid. But there's a lot of stuff even he doesn't know. I just can't tell him, can't tell anyone. 

now that sounds mysterious and dark huh? It sounds like one of those dark twisted mysterious stories. Either that or it sounds highly exagerated. That's what i'm worried some of the people i know will think. So i just keep my omouth closed on the subject, it's waaay easier that way.

So moving on from that, i can safely say that nothing particularly interesting is happening. I mean, put it this way, this coming Tuesday i have to go look at some trees with my family and this woman who we used to live near. Yes you read right, trees. Were going to the aboritum. I've already been once near christmas, but, according to my mother, I've not been there for when the leaves change colour. Oh come on! If i want to go see some trees with multicoloured leaves i can go and walk along the lanes that are ten feet away from my house! But hopefully, we'll get some british weather on that day so we can't go... but then again, knowing my mother, she'll make us go anyway, rain or shine. So i can't win. Unless we get some miracle storm or something. Ah well, fingers crossed.

Well, I'm sure you've had enough of my much needed rant, so I'll leave you in peace til something interesting comes along.
Keep the peace

p.s. been thinking about the trees. The only good thing i can think of about it is, if i go then i might be able to take a few good photoes for my photography art folio. if it doesn't rain. Which completely defies the original point about it raining and me hoping for a storm. So i really can't win. great...

October 25th, 2007


I don't usually use these. Or, when i do decide to use them, i regularly update them for about two weeks then forget. It's what i do. So here's me, and i will actually try to keep this account updated. But you've been warned.

So, anyway... hi.

hmm, an introduction to me... what could i put? I thought about the obvious, but no, if i don't put my name, age - that sort of thing - here, it makes it seem way more mysterious. Maybe interesting? You can be the judge of that.

So what can i say?

Well, I'm a writer, i love to write and let my imagination take me on some rollercoaster of a ride. I don't always finish books or stories though - i just... stop - which can be frustrating and annoying if it was a good idea. But no matter what happens, i'm always itching to write about something. Sometimes it's even just reviews on things so expect occasional book, film or music review on here. I also love music, reading and watching (good) films.

erm... can't think of anything else to put just now. Waaaay too tired... 

sweet dreaming x

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